At Horus Security, we also offer our security consultancy service. As specialists in security consultancy, we combine experience, technology, innovation and ethics to deliver threat assessments and strategic plans to mitigate against them. 

Our security consultancy service utilises up-to-date threat assessments and innovative ideas to ensure business security demands are met within budgetary constraints, regardless of complexity. 

An overview of our services within Security Consultancy

  • Specialist consultants 
  • Security Design Advice & Breeam & Sabre Certified Security Practitioner 
  • Risk Registers and Assessments Security Strategies and Policies 
  • Advisory Visits, Health Checks and Audits 
  • Supply Chain Security Advice 
  • Specialist Event Security 

Experience Team of Individuals 

Our team of experienced security practitioners can provide a fully bespoke service that utilises innovative ideas to ensure your business security demands are met. We also consider budgetary constraints to ensure these requirements are fulfilled, regardless of their complexity.  

At Horus Security we operate independently with a range of trusted business collaborators who complement our security consultancy service. Subsequently we offer proportionate impartial advice, that doesn’t cost the client more than what is truly necessary.  

We ensure maximum customer assurance through: 

    • Knowledge 
    • Proportionality 
    • Discretion 
    • Independence 
    • Transparency  

Our Technology and Security Consultancy

With our in-house team of developers, we have been able to develop our own technology (including databases) to provide a high-quality consultancy service. Rams – Risk & Asset Mapping System is a premises database developed for organisations with significant real-estate assets that require cataloguing. 

RAMS has been developed to enable our client’s security teams to track the building ‘assets’, by uploading floor plans and room information so they can quickly determine locations, hazards and the people responsible for specific areas. RAMS is a customisable platform that is deployed as a separate installation for each new customer. 

RAMS offers the following: 

  • Internal user management with tiered access rights. 
  • Contact management – contacts are associated with buildings and rooms. 
  • Building, floorplan and room information – each contains information on the asset, floorplans and rooms have images and rooms contain hazard information if applicable. 
  • Rooms are accessible from a list or by clicking on a geofenced region of the respective floorplan. 

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