Meet our new team members - Horus North America

At Horus North America, we pride ourselves on the exceptional talent that drives our organisation forward. We‘re thrilled to introduce you to two new team members who contribute to our mission of delivering cutting-edge security services and products. In this edition of ‘Meet the Team’, we’re shining a spotlight on Lewis A. Eakins, PhD, CPP, and Brad Berwick, two of Horus North America’s Intelligence Advisors. 

Meet Lewis A. Eakins, PhD, CPP: Increasing Awareness

Lewis’s day-to-day responsibilities at HNA include anticipating and attending to the needs of current clients, the remainder of his time is spent in business development and researching the latest best practices to ensure the security services and products we offer are cutting-edge.  
Lewis’s main goal for HNA this year is to first increase the awareness of the services offered by Horus North America to a broad range of industries. In addition to this, he plans to collaborate with the team to fine-tune our services and target niche markets. 

Meet Brad Berwick: Building Relationships

Brad is another new member of our team, serving as an Intelligence Advisor at Horus North America. Brad’s day-to-day responsibilities at HNA include looking for new ways to grow the HNA businessThis involves also looking at both large-scale and smaller companies that would benefit from our proportionate and cost-effective solutions to their unique security concerns.   

This year Brad hopes to reach and establish relationships with a wider variety of businesses, alongside increasing our brand awareness in the U.S.

Learn more about our team at Horus North America and their services here. 

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