Based in the UK and Singapore, The Horus Group is a leading provider of global security consultancy. Select one of our gateways to find out how we can help you.

Horus Security Consultancy (Asia-Pacific) (HAP), based in Singapore, was founded in February 2015. From here, The Horus Intelligence Group (THIG) can offer its services directly into the Singaporean and South-East Asian marketplace, utilising the skills of both locally recruited graduates, expatriates, and a cadre of secondees from within THIG’s UK-based companies.

The Horus-I travel security app provides an easily accessible 24/7 information network of ‘as it happens’ alerts about events and occurrences that may impact your travel or cause you concern.

By using the GPS in your smartphone, information is sent based on your current location. With instant alerts, you can assess the situation and make an informed decision.

Horus Global is a complete service offering a safety net for foreign students and tourists who are studying in another country or travelling overseas by providing:

  • Travel and security information, latest news and early warnings
  • Live monitoring and a ‘check in’ facility inform your family of your location
  • Emergency procedures, advice or just a helping hand