Travel Security with Horus-i

The Horus-I intelligence dissemination platform provides an easily accessible, 24/7, information network of ‘as it happens’ alerts. Horus-I provides the latest news, global travel alerts and early warning travel notifications direct to traveller’s devices.

Developed by our in-house research and development team, we have created a travel security app that is adaptable to a range of clients operating across a number of sectors – including education and business travellers. Horus-I can also be viewed on the desktop Control Panel, from a single screen. This enables users with a duty of care to view all activity made by any user within a group account. 

Key features - Travel safety

Some of the key features of the Horus-I app include real-time monitoring via the ‘WatchMeClosely’ feature, that has been designed to provide reassurance when auser is feeling unsafe. This enhanced check-in feature is activated by pressing a single button on the dashboard. The ‘WatchMeClosely’ feature increases the number of location data points transmitted to the Control Room and alerts our Fusion Centre to make direct contact. 

We have also recently added COVID-19 travel alerts to the app. This new alert feature automatically updates the platform with the latest COVID-19 statistics for every country. Subsequently, allowing the user to stay informed of the latest restrictions and news globally. 

If your business already has an existing app that would benefit from integrating the Horus security intelligence alerts, we offer a webhook plugin to receive our alerts as they happen. 

Our user-friendly travel app can offer travel safety advice, that is adaptable to a range of client sectors. 


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