What is Security Screening?

Security screening, pre-employment screening or ’employee vetting’ refers to the processing of information and credentials provided by an applicant to verify that the candidate is suitable for a role within an organisation. Pre-employment screening is one of the most comprehensive and effective ways of protecting the operations and reputation of a business from potential insider threats.

Every organisation has different processes and procedures in order to conduct pre-employment screening, some organisations conduct the checks in-house and some prefer to use a dedicated external screening supplier, such as Horus Security Consultancy Ltd.

Types of checks Horus do –

As Horus products and services are completely bespoke, we can build a pre-employment screening package around each client’s risk profile.

  • Basic, Enhanced and Ultra open-source Screening
    • Industry-leading Open-Source checks to identify any association and/or sympathies with single-issue derogatory information with the potential to cause security, operational or repetitional risk to our clients.
  • DBS Checks
    • Basic, Standard and Enhanced
  • Strict Service Level Agreements
  • Single-issue (counter activism) reports
  • Overseas criminal record guidance service
  • UK Overseas Travel Risk Assessments
BS 7858 Screening –

BS7858 is the best practise procedure issued by the British Standards Institution for the pre-employment screening of people to be employed in environments where the security or safety of people, services, goods, personal data and/or property is of great importance to the public or organisation.

BS7858 check includes:

  • ID Validation
  • 5 Year Address History Verification
  • 6 Year Financial Probity Check
  • Proof of ID and Address
  • Basic Level Disclosure of Unspent Convictions
  • 31+ Day Employment Gaps
Why choose Horus –

Businesses choose to use a pre-employment screening consultancy such as Horus rather than an in-house team because our teams undergo continuous training and development in the latest open-source research techniques to identify potential derogatory information of a candidate that may impact our clients. 

We are a market leader in the security screening field due to our ability to consistently discover potential insider attempts and derogatory candidate information pre-hire. In order to fit the client’s needs, Horus offer bespoke packages built around the client’s risk profile. We utilises our bespoke third generation secure online system – the Horus Online Screening System (HOSS)


Horus’s Online Screening Service (HOSS) has been built from the ground up to allow a seamless interface between the key stakeholders in the screening process.


Management through creating, assessing and closing candidate screening is integrated between the candidates, recruiters, corporate security and Horus, and is efficiently packaged in an online portal accessible anywhere the user has an internet-enabled device. 

HOSS provides the backbone to a robust and auditable process that gives key oversight and visibility on the progress and outcome of screening at every level of the business.

All information can be found on our dedicated Security Screening web page.

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