Horus Vision 2021

During the early part of the Government’s first lockdown in 2020, the Horus management team decided to take time to reflect on our service offerings and critically review some of our internal processes. Our purpose was to offer our existing clients a new and refreshed service and seek to enter new marketplaces and clients.

Like many SME’s the Horus’ backroom capacity is always very slim and always seeking to reduce non-operational cost, but rather than follow the ‘strip out and reduce overheads’ model we decided to get smarter and even more agile. We see Business Development as not just a way of attracting new business but also developing ourselves to meet the dynamic requirements of our current clients. 

Aim – Increase brand awareness and engagement – better demonstrate Horus’ capabilities as the security supplier of choice.

Internal –

Customer Contact – we understand that each of our clients put their trust in us to protect their brand and reputation on a daily basis. Therefore, we are continuing to take a collaborative relationship approach with our clients in order to adapt quickly to requests and produce content that is relevant and accurate to requirements.

  • Continue to improve our relationships with our valued clients
  • Engage with the wider security industry to offer additional services to our clients
  • Encourage continuous feedback to ensure the Horus product is meeting the dynamic client requirement.
Opportunities – taking the time to reflect on previous work over the past 14 years combined with the capability of our custom-built research tools emphasised the ability has Horus to expand into new sectors with confidence.
  • Identify and react to potential opportunities promptly
  • Utilise our custom-built research tools to scan for emerging trends and markets, & build our knowledge.
Technology & Training – particularly during the first lockdown of 2020, businesses around the world came to a standstill, however, at Horus, we saw an opportunity to expand our learning, develop our services and enrich our research capability. 
  • Achieve consistency & develop the skills of our team to enable more in-depth research capabilities
  • Use our market research to improve our service offerings both in technology and written outputs
  • Continue to recognise the excellent work of our team members for their perseverance through a turbulent year for all.
External –

2021 welcomes a new age for Horus, we have begun to actively market our business and leading services.

  • Developed a refreshed look for the Horus brand with a more accessible website and updated marketing materials.
  • To continuously grow and engage with our network to enter into new sectors for business.
  • Develop our company profile in the UK and open our satellite office in the United States.
  • Seek mutually beneficial partnerships with companies where we are a natural fit, and there is a shared ethos. 

Even from a short amount of time, we are already seeing results of our efforts with new business coming in and  diversification into new and emerging markets. Our business developments have also received positive feedback from our valued clients around the world. 

As we look to develop and grow, we will not lose sight of continuously putting our clients first, taking the time to listen and providing services and products tailored to protect the brand and reputation of our clients.

There’s nothing our team haven’t handled – if you think we can help, get in touch below.