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Introduction to our Services: Insight At Horus Security, our Insight Service supports businesses that operate in challenging environments. Our team thoroughly analyse ethically sourced information, disseminate it to determine threats quickly, then retain it to an evidential standard. Giving your business the reassurance that our material can be used to

To mark our 15th birthday and celebrate the upcoming opening of ‘Horus North America’ our team are working together to walk, run and/or cycle a combined total of 4,861 miles, a virtual distance from Oxford to Austin, Texas; the soon-to-be home of ‘Horus North America’. 4,861 MILES  –  £4,861 FOR

The women of Bletchley Park Bletchley Park was Britain’s wartime intelligence factory during WW2 which employed 10,000 people ranging from administrators to dispatch riders, index card compilers and of course the codebreakers. Around 75% of the workforce at Bletchley was female and the collective success of the group at Bletchley

Notable Women in Security Women’s History Month runs from the 1st to 31st March each year since 1987. Each week Horus Security Consultancy will be exploring the work of notable women in security that have made significant contributions to the industry throughout history. From WW2 intelligence officers to the first female Director General at MI5.  Stella Rimington Dame

What is Security Screening? Security screening, pre-employment screening or ’employee vetting’ refers to the processing of information and credentials provided by an applicant to verify that the candidate is suitable for a role within an organisation. Pre-employment screening is one of the most comprehensive and effective ways of protecting the

Horus Vision 2021 During the early part of the Government’s first lockdown in 2020, the Horus management team decided to take time to reflect on our service offerings and critically review some of our internal processes. Our purpose was to offer our existing clients a new and refreshed service and seek to


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