Benefits of our Security Screening Service

At Horus-Security we are known for our market-leading security screening service due to our ability to consistently discover potential insider attempts and derogatory candidate information pre-hire. Our service offers bespoke packages built around the client’s risk profile. Utilising our custom-built third-generation secure online system – the Horus Online Screening System (HOSS) – the online portal has been designed from the ground up to support the management and processing of candidates. 

Why choose Horus Security?

The fiercely motivated Horus Screening Team undertake OSINT training within the Insight and Investigations departments to continuously develop their research skills and capabilities. This enables the teams to have a wider awareness of the threats surrounding the sector in which our clients operate. 

An overview of some of the key benefits of this service:

We offer bespoke packages built around the client’s risk profile. 

We have a rigorous range of personnel screening and investigation products. 

We also have a team of dedicated and expertly trained individuals. 


  • ID Validation
  • 5 Year Address History Verification
  • 6 Year Financial Probity Check
  • Proof of ID and Address
  • Basic Level Disclosure of Unspent Convictions
  • 31+ Day Employment Gaps


Industry leading Open Source checks identifying any association and/or sympathies with single-issue derogatory information. 

Open Source check against any single-issue derogatory information suggesting potential security, operational or repetitional risk.

Horus’ unique ‘Ultra’ check guards against not only those predisposed towards infiltration or negative ends but those susceptible to external negative influence via 2nd degree association. 

Further information:

If you have any questions about how our Security Screening service can help mitigate the risk of insider threat at your organisation or institution, have a chat with one of our expert security consultants with the details below. 

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